Ghost Hunting Theories - 10 Year Anniversary and Winner Announcement!

Ten years ago I started Ghost Hunting Theories and I named it this because my idea at the time was to share all mysteries or "ghosts" of the universe and all kinds of new ways of looking at them, to make people curious, to question, to participate in finding answers. I didn't now at the time what I was really embarking on - 

To say that blogging changed my life is an understatement. In late June 2008, I had surgery to reattach my Achilles tendon on the right. It meant months of not walking followed by walking in a boot. For someone who is very pro-active, I was sobbing most days.

My brilliant son said, "mom, use your laptop and get online and go to and start a blog about something like, like ghost stuff." 

I had never really connected with the network of ghost investigators and such, as Arizona was not a really friendly place for such research at the time. Most people looked at you like you announced you had a disease, so I was closet researching. With the advent of "Ghost Hunters" show it was easier to share, but still not a lot of researchers to talk to. The idea of a blog seemed like a nice place to put my research and maybe meet folks from other locations.

Then, blogging went wild and it was in its heyday. Bloggers commented constantly back and forth and blogging was more like a social media of active conversation. I began to move into my other areas of research like UFOs, psychics, Bigfoot, and more. I started having regular humorous posts and series. Conversations began with those making TV shows and researchers of note, as well as new researchers seeking advice.

Before long, the blog took on a life of its own and my readers gave me confidence to write. I submitted to contests and won. Then, as I began to walk again and investigate and things in my home life got worse, I became brave enough to have the emotional support I needed to leave a bad situation and dare to own my own life.

My readers went through the phases with me as I started a life on my own, able to be me 24/7 and not worry about pleasing anyone or getting acceptance. I was on a mission, a mission to make up for lost decades.

The blog has risen to new heights over recent years thanks to curious paranormal geeks, great researchers, and me following my passion for the subjects I most want to explore and read about. Thankfully, y'all do too!

Expect a lot more researcher by some researchers who are so busy in the field, there isn't time to share with the public. This blog will archive their work. Our paranormal team, Arizona Paranormal Research, will be doing a lot more interesting experiments and sharing the results. I will also be sharing the ongoing research of Haunted Shirley doll. Expect this October to be very intense for the blog, covering all sorts of events, fun, and creepiness! 

In my appreciation, I have had a drawing for an adventure package - a Humvee vest and survival kit. The name has been drawn and the winner is - 

Congrats! Thank y'all for entering.