Don Monroe Case Files: Massey Man Hand?

Don Monroe let me access some casts recently and one cast caught my eye right away. It was taken from the same cave as the Massey Man sighting/photo.

It is a second take of a casting, so some definition is lost. 

Below is a photo of the first casting which captured it quite nicely and the unusual proportions.

Taken in Idaho in 2003, the hand cast was acquired around the time in which Don Massey encountered the strange being in the cave. The 4-part series link is HERE

This handprint with extraordinarily long fingers was captured there in the cave, along with handprints of up to 16 individuals of various sizes. It gives the appearance of a thumb and pinkie finger that are the same length with unusually long middle fingers. Usually finger and palm length are similar. Not on this fellow! Fingers are about 5-1/2 inches, palm about 5 inches. On me, fingers are about 3 1/2 inches and palm 4 inches.

I will be sharing two more prints from the cave on top of the other ones I've documented earlier.