Bobbie Short's Bigfoot Legacy: "The de facto Sasquatch"

I am so pleased to say that the late Bobbie Short's book, her decades of research and notes has been edited and being published for the public to appreciate free. 

Go to her site and click on "What's New" on the left. The first paragraph that pops up tells about the book and has a link to the PDF. It is being released in increments because it is over 2000 pages long! 

The editor did an amazing job and Bobbie's dear family made it all go graciously and smoothly so that Bobbie's last wish to share with the world all her amazing finds, notes, interviews, and more could be done in the public interest and for free. 


Message from the Editor:

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I write this ‘editor’s intro’ to Bobbie Short’s book
‘The de facto Sasquatch’.

It is due only to the gracious generosity of her daughter, Reverend Kimberley Britton
and her webmaster grandson, Chris Millet, that this book is now seeing the light of day. Their support and assistance from the beginning to the very end was essential in completing the task.

Thank you, Thom Powell, for introducing Bobbie and I those many years ago.. You began this rich odyssey for me and I am grateful.

Also, my heartfelt appreciation to Bobbie’s ‘team’ who were critical in seeing this project
to completion - Steve Summar, Sharon Day, Sybilla Irwin, Joe Beelart, M.K. Davis, Don
Monroe and RobRoy Menzies.
Your encouragement, support and friendship has made
this learning process an immense joy!

The artists brought to life the stories on these pages: RobRoy Menzies, Alex Evans and David Claerr. Thank you so much for your talent and dedication.

Bobbie and I were working closely on the completion of her book. There are some moments that take your breath away...her passing was such an event, for me and for so many others. Sasquatchery was greatly diminished that day.

It is a privilege to at last present the book she worked long and hard to complete.

To uphold her tradition of the free flow of information, it is presented in installments, on
her website without charge. Bobbie never allowed advertising on her site, though it was offered to her. She didn’t want researchers to be distracted by such things. Nor did she charge for access to the massive amount of information she accumulated over the years.

People within Sasquatchery can work together. We did so in order to pay tribute to a very special human and her decades of dedication to the North American Ancient Aboriginal People, a term coined by Bobbie and her dear friends, Steve Summar and
Chris Murphy.

Bobbie, your mission was accomplished.

- Molly Hart Lebherz

***I am very pleased to say that the late and great Bobbie Short's final book is being published in increments on her site Bigfoot Encounters.

It is available in PDF form to the public. Go to and click on "what's new" on the left. The first paragraph you will find about the book with a link to the pdf.