Blog Entry Saturday: Blanket Fort and Movies

Scary movies by candlelight are fun, but what's even funner is building a blanket fort and watching from inside. 

This fort I constructed was on my recliner sofa. I put a sheet down on the sofa and then proceeded to build up around it with the blankets draped over things so I had a little watching nook. Since there was a table with cup holders on the right hand side inside the tent, I was able to have snacks and drinks there.

The more exciting ones are made with pillows and even twinkle lights or battery-operated candles. 

There are some great movies for watching inside of blanket forts, but here's some I'd suggest if you want to do a marathon watching. Consider teaming them up with an ideal drink for you and your partner to watch the films - 

"Biggies" theme: (Super-sized can Sapporo beer)
"King Kong"

"Haunted" theme: (Kahlua and cream on ice)
"The Changeling"
"The Haunting"
"The Legend of Hell House"

"80s" theme: (Bartles and James coolers)
"Prom Night"
"Terror Train"
"The Fog"

"Monsters" theme:  (European beer)
"The Wolf Man"
"The Mummy"

"50s Scifi" theme: (martini)
"The Creature From the Black Lagoon"
"Forbidden Planet"
"The Thing From Another World"

"Halloween Season" theme: (pumpkin ale or spiced cider)
"Trick R Treat" 
"Hocus Pocus" 

"Witch" theme: (spiked punch)
"The Craft"
"Practical Magic"
"The Covenant"