Blacklight Attractions: Halloween to the Max!

Blacklight theme experts? Someone needed to do it and thankfully Blacklight Attractions stepped up to the task - and then some!

Pretty much any entertainment you can think of is better under blacklight. 

The company handles haunted attractions, escape rooms, laser tag, miniature golf, dark rides, 3D houses (that photo above was inside a 3D blacklight house and it amazing!)

If this inspired you for Halloween, consider places like Spirit Halloween shops that carry lots of black light options. Paint your decor with fluorescent paints.

Black lights
Fluorescent glow paints

Remember, white glows a lot in black lighting, so cheesecloth, white sheets and such will glow. As well (below) you can use laundry soap and a black light for a cool glow. Experiment with the light and items to see what you might want to paint up with fluorescent paints and accent so it pops.