Sunday, August 19, 2018

Spirit Halloween 2018 Offerings

Ah, Spirit Halloween shop - the sure sign that we are all anxiously awaiting the cooler, darker, spookier season. I just went through it today and got a look at the trends for 2018 and I was double thumbs up pleased!

My personal favorite focuses of Halloween are the countryside dark harvest type items and Spiritual Movement of the turn-of-the-century gothic. 

Happily, they had both!  

I love pumpkin patches, cornstalks, hay bales, scarecrows, corn dollies (I wish they had these in their decor). So I was very pleasantly surprised that scarecrows made a big show in animatronics, decor, and costuming.

They still have a vast assortment of clown-related items too which the past few years have been popular (like zombies before them). I'm very happy that they are making more tall-scaled items as tall heights makes one feel helpless.

They have added Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas as special focus items - 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Spiritualist's movement items that are gothic and fortune-telling/scrying in nature. 

Their section of black light/holographic/fog machine items has really expanded with more items that go with it, including paints and chalks for black light.

I was hoping to see my honey, Michael Myers, in life-sized animatronic, but the shop was just recently opened and still filling the areas. I will definitely be back. 

There were better headstones than years previously and haunted animatronics, skeletons, and the like.

Costuming had the usual offerings and the trendy stuff - cartoon characters/superheroes/gaming and online references. There were a lot more humor-related costumes than usual and some awesome steampunk which is my favorite!

These gorilla and werewolf masks came with matching gloves  - 

And, it wouldn't be Halloween without the Slutz R Us section - 

Hey, Halloween IS fantasy time!

Don't forget my Halloween book -
(a how-to for making adult Halloween your own special season)

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