Horror Director: Craig Michael MacNeill

Today, I'm sharing another upcoming horror movie maker that I think has some serious potential. I saw the movie "The Boy" on TV and I could not leave my seat. Let me explain why I sought out this director to find out his career path.

What I appreciated about this director is the visuals, the moment-in-time feel. It's a movie that contemplates and in that subtle way creeps up on you. You are fully engaged in that moment in time, that character, that location, the soulful music, and before you know it, you are suspended in an alternate world. 

If he isn't talented enough and ready to take on hard subjects, he directed "Lizzie," a film due out in September starring Kristen Stewart and based on the real-life Borden family, as in "Lizzy Borden."

I really look forward to "Lizzie" and other upcoming films by this very talented director.