Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dynamic Greenland's Mysteries

Greenland, a relatively inhospitable location that even Vikings weren't sure about remaining in, is a geological wonder and a place of immense beauty and danger. This iceberg got a little too close. One complete break of its fissures and a tidal wave would be the result. Just one of many mysteries and dynamics that make Greenland fascinating.

Archaeologists discovered an ancient stone hut in a place that was very inhospitable and the items found inside did not coincide with the building's believed use. It is a mystery still under investigation.

Atlantis? There is has been some talk if Greenland is atop of the ancient Atlantis. It would have to involve some sort of climate change situation, no doubt. I believe the less we know about a region, the more mystery. Many have considered Antarctica to possibly be Atlantis.

Why did the vikings leave Greenland in the 1400s? Any number of explanations include unusual cooling, lack of marine life, possible iceberg breakage and tidal waves, or simply moving on to greener pastures.

There are many amazing gemstones found in Greenland that brought miners in by the droves. But, such a geologic wonder also has another phenomena that is related to geologically rich areas - ghosts.

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