Thursday, August 9, 2018

Can Bigfoot Read Minds?

I was introduced to a research group based on my focus on language/communication and psychic pathways. That's how I started studying the Tall Ones and then quickly went into more arenas like guidelines for habituation and interaction and eventually the search for their ancestors/lineage (Link to those findings). 

As I had some time to focus on any signs of psychic skills, I have some input to share here today - 

I don't take exceptional descriptions of an obviously biological entity with scent, hair, and footprints and give it exceptional explanations. I work within the realms of science and what we know about other inhabitants of our realm.

What we know is that people frequently report either being disoriented, dazed walking, unable to walk, nauseous, uneasy, and more. If Bigfoot is such a highly secretive being, who will do anything to not encounter you - then if he had the ability to produce infrasound and that infrasound unsettled your pineal gland in your brain, it would be able to produce uneasy effects like these to nudge you away. Very passive and effective technique. This is very much an explanation grounded in this world.

This is perhaps the most effective tool that they possess to keep you away from their young and their clan. It is not psychic, but the effects it can have on people and even animals is effectively subtle but definitely working on the level of affecting your mind. 

We "hairless ones" have psychic capabilities, but if it was critical to know if someone had entered our territory, wouldn't we want to develop these capabilities better to avoid the "others" who enter? 

One of the most supporting bits of evidence of psychic sensitivity, I believe, is that Sasquatch are so very good at remaining hidden until we leave their land. Upon occasion they are caught off guard and I believe that has more to do with our own thought processes. If we are daydreaming, relaxed, and not terribly active in our thought process, we are likely to be able to run across them unsuspecting. As a psychic, I can tell you, the more a person thinks, the easier they are to read. There is an energy in a fast computing brain that is easy to tap into and sense, especially if that person's mind is on me. Sasquatch is likely to have an overactive sensitivity to people focusing their intent upon them.

Another feature of psychic minds is the ability to receive. There is a difference between reading minds and mind control - a HUGE difference. A psychic does not will you to do anything. A psychic can receive information and intent from you, memories and emotions. 

One habituator reported that they would leave her a rock on her porch. She would give it a look and put it back, afraid to take it from them and slight their feelings. One day, she thought to herself, "I wish they'd leave me a big rock." And, the next day she was presented with just that. 

Could they read her mind? Could perhaps one stealthy shaman-like member do so? I am quite certain as psychometrist that when someone handles an object and I handle it, I can get information from them. Did one of their members come to take the rock away and gather her insight? That is perhaps the best explanation that they are highly skilled in psychometric skills. Let's not forget that, although they are living without technology as we know it, their brains are larger and they are likely much wiser and more attuned. If you had to be on the sly all the time and hidden, cues and signals of a non-spoken nature would be critical skills. 

One habituator claimed that they could give a Sasquatch on the property a message to meet up somewhere at a certain time and bring something and that Tall One would do just that. That was a reportedly special mind connection that occurs when a psychic deems someone an important link. The people that I love, if they're thinking of me or want to contact me, I know it right away. I have relegated the "frequency" of their intent to be a signal I wish to be honed in on. Whether or not Sasquatch has mesmerizing abilities to put you into a trance state and make you dance like a chicken, I don't know, but we certainly don't see evidence of exceptionally insane behavior in the woodlands (other than the ones who report they've killed a Bigfoot and pseudo-documentary film crews).

If you're worried they can take over your mind, just still that thought. They are not taking over our minds and impressing their will upon us. Their mind capabilities wouldn't necessarily spread to controlling our thinking processes. Bigfoot spends a lot of time imitating animal sounds. They are not psychically coordinating, but they are using what is in the woods to throw others off. They may be tricky, but they are not psychically manipulative or they would rule the entire planet.

How many people go into the woods riding ATVs, drinking beer and hunting and riling up Bigfoot's breeding ground and home? Does he come out and beat the crap out of them? No.  But, if someone did that on your property near your family, wouldn't you take your gun to them?

Bigfoot are passive, they may be mighty but they show considerable restraint and forethought about using their deadly capabilities.

In fact, we could learn much from them by their tenacious survival instincts and dignity in the face of the uncaring hairless ones in the woods.

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