Blog Entry Saturday: White Sheets For Halloween

The season is coming and it's time to get in the mood for Halloween. So, why not create a haunted house in your home and sit back and enjoy the ambiance of a scary atmosphere? I'm going to share some simple ploys to use white sheets to make it unsettling - 

White Sheets 

Use the sheets to cover the furniture for an abandoned house feel.

Using a wooden frame or fishing line, make a sheet ghost to dangle from a tree or put in the yard, even use inside the house.

Tea-stain the curtains, tatter edges, even walk the edges in the dirt, make tears, and use for spooky curtains.

Blood splatter the white sheet and hang up, could be utilized like a killer's drop cloth they hang up to catch splatter.

Create a fake body covered in a sheet using pillows and rolled towels.

Dip sheets in fabric stiffener and drape it over dolls that are wrapped in Saran Wrap and let dry. 

Other ideas
tie dye them for table cloths for a hippie-themed party
tear into strips for zombie costume
create pirate sails
project a movie on one outside
make a hammock to fill with creepy baby dolls

White sheets can be bought pretty cheap at places like Goodwill and Salvation Army stores. There are endless possibilities for Halloween fun!