Blog Entry Saturday: Kolchak Versus Charlie's Angels

I grew up with two very divergent influences: "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" and "Charlie's Angels." Both exhibited intelligence, diligence, and bravery, but one was a bit bumbling and a loner, the other was a neat sexy glamour team. And somehow, forever, I've been embracing both.

Carl Kolchak, reporter who stumbles upon the unexplained and, to his editor's frustration, pursues with great curiosity what is going on. 

I always identified with Carl because when it came to mysteries, I always had to chase them, usually alone and really unprepared. I was a nerd at heart like Carl, who had a way with words, and a keen observant eye.

Charlie's Angels were trained to defend and to charm it out of the bad guys with great fashion and style. I related to them because I loved fashion and being girlie while being strong.

I never really felt I had a clique growing up. Perhaps it was simply that I was a nerd at a heart, a paranormal geek, a sport-o tomboy, ad a fashion gal. All those aspects came together to create an individual. 

Today, when I fearlessly dive into research and investigating, I am focused as keenly as Kolchak while sporting my stylish Humvee practical vest with over a dozen pockets, like a Charlie's Angel.