Backyard Bohemian: Romance Her in the Garden

Summer nights are getting just a wee bit shorter. Part of you wants to dive right into autumn darkness, blankets, warm lights, but another part has a daytime heat reality. How about transitioning to the coziness of autumn while enjoying what's left of summer? How about a Bohemian backyard prepared for your lady love? 

If you don't have a yard, there is no reason you can't set a bohemian tent up in your home with blankets, sheets, scarves, and more.

A tent like the one above could be kept out for a long time and enjoyed throughout August. With some pillows, it makes a place to lounge and read or even a fun place to spend the night. Imagine enjoying iced coffees inside there. 

The tent above is a simple construction that allows for outdoor movie watching. Project a movie on the house, a sheet or a screen. Maybe use it for simple picnics.

Consider encouraging creativity in the environment by keeping a box with hand flutes, harmonicas, cow bells, tambourines where they can be taken out and spontaneously played.

Imagine her surprise to be led out to a garden lit with balls of light? 

You can find bags of glow sticks cheap on Amazon. In most grocery stores in the baking aisle you can find a case of mason jars (usually bottom shelf near jello mixes). 

A few of these jars of glow stick juice and water inside the tent or even battery-operated candles could be just what the doctor ordered for your love life. 

Lighting is critical for the bohemian backyard. Some suggestions include twinkle lights, mason jars with water mixed with the liquid from inside glow sticks and shaken, firefly lights, tiki torches, even solar lights that come on softly at night.

Entertainment should include movies, music, Karaoke, shadow puppets on the tent, star gazing, storytelling around a firepit.

If you want to add more pleasures, bring some massage oil and rub her feet as if she were your princess and you are her servant. Point out a star and name it after her. Perhaps take a bucket of water, lean her back and wash her hair for her. 

Decorate using fringe, shawls, tablecloths, sheets, clothesline, bare tree limbs for supports.

Consider iced coffees, exotic tea, sangria with fruit, port, or sherry. 

Have a platter of nibbles including cubes of good cheeses, nuts, fruits like grapes and berries, hunks of fresh baked bread, tangy seeded mustard, thin sliced ham, baked muffins cut into cubes for easy nibbling, bits of dark chocolate.

Take some flowers and make a flower headband for your lady to wear. Her crown for the evening. Maybe make her a daisy ring, too. 

There is nothing more romantic than this backyard getaway and a quick-thinking man might want to erect a tent with blankets and pillows, a tray of yummy foods, a good bottle of wine, and some lovely gypsy-inspired folk music for a night she will never ever forget.

You don't have to do the whole shebang, but one or two of these gestures could give her something she will never ever forget. Imagine her face when you leader to a candlelight supper in the garden with a few dozen glowing balloons lighting up the magical setting. When you do these things, you create an intimate bond that solidifies the relationship to one of utter trust - trusting you with her dreams and wishes and knowing that, upon occasion, they come true! 

Some music to consider - 

Happy romancing, you lucky guys and girls!