Monday, August 27, 2018

Adios Dale the Doll!

In blogging heydays, Dale the Doll became my sidekick by being, well, the thing that most creeped out my readers. Ventriloquist dolls are spooky but giving him a voice and a personality made him a bit of a celeb. Now, I have packed him and his belongings up in a box en route to his new "yuman" (how he says "human"). 

Let's review the life and times of Dale the Doll....

I originally got Dale the Doll for my son as an adolescent. He was not thrilled about him and the doll ended up in the closet. When my son was 19 and moving out, he gave him back to me. 

I set Dale up on a couple steamer trunks near the front door as if he was preparing to go on the road.

When I had a couple friends over for supper, they commented on the doll. They dared me to sleep in the living room near him. I said, "sure, why not?" Then, they said I needed to take a photo of him before sleep and one when I woke up to see if he moved. I laughed about it but conceded and took a photo.

I went to bed on the sofa. During the night, I woke up to a "plink" sound. I realized I was in the living room, turned over and went back to sleep.

I was awakened in the morning by my friend asking eagerly if I had taken a morning photo of the doll. I stomped over to the camera, took a photo and clicked back at the prior night's photo. His hand had been in his lap. During the night, the heavy porcelain arm, jumped his lap and hit the wall. That was the plink sound I heard!

Once I shared it with my readers, they freaked out. I realized the doll had a certain creepy appeal. So, I named him Dale the Doll and he became my sidekick.

As I left my marriage soon after and lived on my own, he remained my tormenter and unhappy roommate. The YouTube playlist for Dale the Doll grew with his antics.

At one point, he had his own Blogger profile and would follow all my friends' blogs and then leave creepy comments. Their fear built up and his humorous spooky ways became a delight. He even has a fan club on Facebook

There have been some great times with Dale the Doll, but this week, he was packed up with all his worldly belongings (extensive wardrobe) and a sign that says "Congratulations, it's a boy!" and being mailed to someone very deserving....

What comes next after Dale the Doll? I'm contemplating that. For now, enjoy some peace and quiet before I find another natural phobia to play with....

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