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Seismic Psychic Fault Lines: Where Our World and Theirs Converge

It's interesting to note that some ancient sites, mound locations, and places referred to as "portal" regions have clusters of odd activity, whether it's missing people, strange lights, presence of cryptid creatures, hauntings, strange disembodied voices, hikers missing time/getting lost, UFO sightings and more. 

What is happening in these locations that causes so much phenomena? Is it a cluster of contents that are necessary for phenomena or does it simply attract phenomena? Let's look at some real-life locations -

An area on the Chesapeake in Southern Virginia has a reputation for supposed pirate ghosts and a ship ablaze with lights and pounding organ riding up the beach into the woods. The pirates lanterns are said to be seen and their shovels heard as they search for treasure in this strip of thicket by the beach.

The homes outside of the woods are charming. When I drove through some forested areas into the huge open area where the homes sat not far from the beach, I was presented with neat two-story clapboard homes with white picket fences as are standard in this region. The lots were big, over an acre. 

From a visual sense and as a lover of seaside homes, I was in love at first sight. But the vibes were unusually odd for such an idyllic location. It felt both relaxing and dreamy like a perfect wee village but at the same time, pressurized. The air was fairly stagnant as the trees kept the beach winds off of the community, but it almost felt sealed in a vacuum, as if time somehow was slightly off from the previous stretch of roadway through the forest. 

You know those "off" towns in the "Twilight Zone"? That's how this felt.

I set that feeling aside as we investigated the beach. There, I once again had another worldly vibe. There were a few locals on this hidden cove but they seemed almost like props in a movie. There was a sense of soullessness and suspension in time. It smelled of seaweed and salt air, and the tide moved in and out, but there was a suspended feeling as though the beach did not experience time and all its textures and nuances.

As I love the Chesapeake with all my heart and soul, I dipped into the water, but felt a strange force field around the inlet. 

Even the water met my skin with an odd texture as if it left no lingering traces of the biological compost within. I came out of the water a bit befuddled because the Chesapeake I loved felt sterile.

If you've ever seen the movie "The Truman Show," you know what I'm talking about. Everything seemed almost orchestrated like props, but missing something very genuine.

It wasn't until my best friend and co-researcher Julie and I went into the supposedly haunted woods that it became clear something was really off. 

I literally felt like we drove into a mock universe the moment we came onto the wooded roadway.  The psychic jolt entering the forest was like pumping through a force field. 

The happy houses nearby were untouched by the feeling in the woods, but to exist together, they rather pushed on each other causing a sort of seismic psychic fault line that had ripples of pressure straining against elements like barometric pressure, geomagnetic energy, even time was affected somehow. 

The only thing that seemed to react to the odd pressure and energy, besides me, was the wildlife. The birds and tree frogs seemed to know simultaneously that something in the alchemy of their odd area had shifted. Our very presence in the woods caused the energy to change. All at once, the creatures went quiet. And when this happened, the pressurized feelings increased, the forest darkened a notch, and I couldn't tell if I was repeating myself as every time I said something, my mind's slate was wiped clean. I did some filming in there in which the wildlife goes silent.

It had me wondering if that sort of exerted opposing contact, like the pressures within the earth caused a kind of psychic seismic pressure. 

When I lived in California and an earthquake was imminent, the dogs in the neighborhood went berserk. Could they also react to these shifts in pressure that involve the unexplained? 

Might our encounters with "portal" regions or locations of ancient sites have more to do with the nature pressure built up between two worlds as they exert pressure points against each other?

If I put my finger which is 3-dimensional on this photograph which represent a 2-dimensional plane, I am met with the physicality of the photo (it is solid) so I meet resistance. 

To the 2-dimensional realm, my finger is taking up some 2-dimensional plane. We have a point of resistance, but at that point of resistance, I am meeting that world and that world is meeting me, even though we can only push through the 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional planes we are forced to limit our contact at a fine point somewhere in the lower realm, the 2-dimensional plane, unable to go past that but creating phenomena of a sort by the meeting of resistance.

Sedona, Arizona is a good example of the convergence of two worlds exerting pressure against themselves. Most people I know, myself included, get a headache the first 12-24 hours in Sedona. Once that time passes, you feel a strange loosening and liberating of all your cares to the point of feeling like you had a reboot and are a blank slate. 

As you move around the lovely red rock area known for its four vortexes, you feel released from your "real" world and problems, issues, even health concerns, and you find yourself curiously wandering around, following streams of energy that anyone less observant would call "serendipity." 

As you come upon the vortex locations (this photo above is at Airport Mountain), your sense of self extends beyond the skin suit you wear as mortal and you look into the distance feeling as if you are more energy than matter.

I've gone to the Airport Mountain vortex many times over the decades and each time I feel as if I begin the hike in and within 30 feet or so, I enter an area that can only be described as "no man's land" where nothing counts, nothing atrophies, nothing occurs, as if time literally does not exist in concept or action.

Let's go back to that finger on the photograph. To us in the 3-dimensional world it is just a point of contact in the physicality realm. But, to the 2-dimensional being there would be phenomena of something appearing and disappearing from nowhere. 

To you and I in this 3-dimensional physicality, what if something from a higher dimension meant impact with us? What would our phenomena be in this lesser plane? It would seem quite magical to have brief glimpses of the other realm's presence. But the only part of the other realm that would show itself is the 3-dimensional aspects, like the surface of our finger would who itself in the 2-dimensional plane.

So, when that other world pushes up against ours, like that finger against the photographic image... we might be meeting our "portals." 

The buildup of pressure where the worlds intersect could create a building pressure that psychically releases like an interdimensional quake. 

It might help us in our research of portals to consider what the wildlife is doing, and how we ourselves reach where these friction points between worlds occur. From this point of view, we might make great gains in defining the portals. 

Remember, however, that the finger that touched the photograph could touch it anywhere. It didn't have to come back to the same point to make contact. So it might be with portals, as shifting locations and points of resistance as two worlds meet.

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