Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Russia Week: Was Russia the Ancient Seat of Advanced Man?

Today on Russia Week, let's look into whether or not Russia was the seat of some very advanced civilizations that may or may not have withstood the test of time against us Homo sapiens.

Sometimes, a search for one thing reveals answers to another. I went on Google Earth to look around at some regions of ancient mystery and unpeeled layers of understanding.

I went to Denisova in Siberia where they found the Denisovans and Neanderthal, as well as Homo sapiens skulls remains in the same cave. 

I am curious about this region and how much land around it might offer considerable refuge for any descendants, say the Almasty (Russian Bigfoot). Many locals there believe they are running into Neanderthal man today.  

Interesting find up there in the NE of the cave region of Denisova (cave bottom left). It is quite a wilderness.

I took this exploration a bit further. One of the most mysterious lakes in the world is Lake Baikal in Siberia. It is the site of where explorer Giovanni da Pian del Carpine claimed to run into a tribe of dog-faced men. Look directly west of the lake - Denisova! 

Nope, I'm not done showing correlations - 
Look, Denisova and look what is to the west, why, it's the Ural Mountains! This is the site of some of the most unusual out of place/out of time megalithic structures and unusual ancient finds - Nanospirals, megalithic structure of ancient origins. The Ural Mountains are also infamous for the Dyatlov Pass incident where the campers were found dead in the most unusual ways and some say that a photo from one of their cameras shows a potential Bigfoot creature (my post on this incident says differently LINK). 

When man starts advancing his knowledge, he does it in his own personal silicon valley - was that what the Urals/Siberia were for prior man?

Let's compare America's situation with giants and Bigfoot and ancient structures  - 

These maps above highlight where giant skeletons were found and where Bigfoot has been sighted.

A great concentration follows the mound culture and the mining cultures. There also areas of post ice age glacial lakes, natural locations to settle in more than 10,000 years ago and develop a culture.

It is evident by finds such as the Newberry Tablet and Heavener Stone and others in the United States, that there was a culture that utilized a form of writing unknown to the Native Culture here. Another culture. But whose? 

Sometimes, looking for clusters is the best research tactic. Look for all unusual things, not just the subject you are studying, and look from above to get a picture of how it all lines up. In the case of potential portals or unusual ancient cultures, these things teach us much.

For instance, Lake Titicaca on the edge of Bolivia/Peru has Native people who live and travel on reed boats, the same way they were said to on the ancient Lake Lohantan in the Nevada/California region. As well, the remnant lake of Lake Lohantan, Pyramid Lake in California, is said to have a fish that is also found in Lake Titicaca. The Lake Lohantan legends include the red-haired giants. Lake Titicaca is in the presence of amazing megalithic structures and ancient elongated skulls discovered.  

What can we learn from such correlations? Sometimes, clusters of unusual finds compare to ones in other regions. I only just recently pointed out the Hoia Baciu in Romania and Devil's Cemetery in Russia similarities (LINK).

Hoia Baciu, Romania

Devil's Cemetery,  Russia

When reading about issues in Hoia Baciu and having researched other areas with such complaints, I came across Devil's Cemetery. I looked at it from above, found it to be identical. Then, I went through the accounts of each place to find things lining up.

So, if you run into a place with odd clusters, research other areas with them. Now get up above and start to see the bigger picture....

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