Don Monroe Files: Was There a Pygmy Tribe in the Americas?

On the right hand side of the blog you'll find the Don Monroe Case Files link. He has shared some amazing and unusual research studies with Ghost Hunting Theories. He is the last of a very rare breed that can live by his own hands, has hiked the most remote regions around the entire globe, in search of understanding our wild and amazing world. Today, he shares the odd case of the hidden tribe with pygmy slaves.
From a prospector/miner who treks around remote areas of British Columbia came an interesting account. He ran into a tribe up there that stays quite hidden in the great expanses. The people have accepted his presence as he has shown no threat, but they do not go among society and have lived in a traditional way and wearing buckskins. 

They also interestingly have a slave labor among them that are pygmy people described as 4-foot tall, very dark-skinned, flat noses, and Asian-looking eyes. 

They were compared to the Negritos, a people of the Phillipines and Andaman Islands who are a pygmy culture. 

Studying their strikingly beautiful faces, I can't help but recall a civilization in Meso -America that baffles experts even today - the Olmecs. 

The Olmecs were the earliest known civilization in Mexico 1200 to 400 BCE. It is impossible to look at their portrayals without thinking about South Pacific origins.

This survivalist race of people who know how to live in any conditions in the South Pacific Islands could have reached as far as the Americas. They could have been present, moving on, moving up, going through the Americas where there are native legends of "little folk." 

What might their relationship have been with the First Nations? This was a race that is so skilled in survival that a marine friend said the Negritos trained them in survival in the Phillipines. Spread out over many islands in the South Pacific, one has to wonder about their potential trek across the sea to yet other lands.

LINK: The Little People of the Pryor Mountains (known as Nirumbee or AwwakkulĂ© in the Crow language) are a race of ferocious dwarves in the folklore of the Crow Nation, a Native American tribe. The Little People were also seen as imparting spiritual wisdom, and played a major role in shaping the destiny of the Crow People through the dreams of the legendary Crow chief.

LINK:  The Native peoples of North America told legends of a race of "little people" who lived in the woods near sandy hills and sometimes near rocks located along large bodies of water, such as the Great Lakes. Often described as "hairy-faced dwarfs" in stories, petroglyph illustrations show them with horns on their head and traveling in a group of 5 to 7 per canoe.

Is there a feral First Nations tribe in British Columbia that has avoided human contact? Oh, that is very probable and possible. Do they run with a pygmy race they employ as slave labor or the like? 

That is the really unusual possibility. 

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