Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Don Monroe Files: Interesting New Interaction

Here's the latest update on Don's ongoing research -

The ongoing study of SharRed Cave (he named this unknown cave after me - Sharon the Red) has proven to be a most unusual find.

He had gifted blankets and coins in a hidden niche outside the cave, a little distance away. It was off the beaten path and out of any view.

He came back just recently to find that solar lights that had been used on the trail to mark the way down after dark were glowing in the niche, all put together there and the gifted items were no longer there. It appears to be a subtle nudge of either "thank you" or "bring more please."

He will be documenting the inside the cave again this summer and I will be curious to see if the "beds" made of sagebrush have once again been moved. Prior, there were two beds side-by-side that were about 2 feet high, a couple feet wide and about 6 feet long of stacked and compressed sage brush. Another two side-by-side beds were found further in. His next time evaluating it, the beds had all been moved deeper back in the cave, still two side-by-side and two more side-by-side....

Expect periodic updates -

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