Blog Entry Saturday: The Implications of Bigfoot

Science has done an excellent job of pointing out that what we thought we know about man is liquid until we discover new test methods and discoveries. It wasn't until recently we could prove we carried Neanderthal genes, and then a prior unknown man, Denisovans. Then, they realized from discoveries that those men were not only out and about Europe long before Homo sapiens but vastly ahead of us in technology and brain capacity. So, what does this tell us about the Bigfoot people? 

We were humbled to learn the were forms of man out and about the world that were ahead of us and smarter, that we actually successfully mated with them and took on their genes.

We also realized that we outlived them, so perhaps in our minds we are somehow superior. 

What if, however, we not only didn't outlive them, but their intelligence, which was already way ahead of ours helped them to remain living in secret from the massive breeding population of Homo sapiens? 

If Bigfoot is a form of man that is divergent enough from us to be quite different, such as Neanderthal - 

and Denisovans, then what does this say about our advancement?

If a people can remain in breeding population in our crowded world and manage to evade us for the most part, what does that say about our own cognizance of our world? We believe we've poked every corner of the globe, documented all the wildlife, and understand archaic man's demise tens of thousands of years ago. But, what if that was an illusion? 

The implications of Bigfoot are significant, which is why the very idea of their presence offends so many people. The ego says "we should have seen them and accounted for them by now." 

Pongo tapanuliensis is a recent primate discovery on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. An island! Sumatra is 182,812 square miles in size. The United States is 3,797,000 square miles! 

Another issue with disbelievers if the threat to their religious content in that there are other types of man and some of whom survived in spite of Homo sapiens prolific presence.

Each day, science is humbled by new information and this shifts the entire human paradigm. The more we see this as a fluid process, the better off our egos are when considering that we may be surviving alongside someone we consider "archaic." The ironic aspect of that is that we too are archaic evolved to present day and so are they in their modern day evolved form of their archaic past.