Blog Entry Saturday: Childlike Zest For Life

My friends have long known the childlike qualities I exhibit. It's part stress relief, part creative outlet for
 brainstorming, and part spiritual. When you have a childlike attitude, you pass up judgment and go with the moment. It is best described as spontaneous inspired wonder.

Time in a hammock, blowing bubbles, barefoot. That is a trio of childlike activities. It reminds one of summer break from school.

A popsicle or running through sprinklers. Summer childhood activities that create pleasure and giggles.

A blanket fort for movie watching?

Costume parties bring it out in all of us.

Travel through a corn maze.

Create goofy memes. Take a Ferris Bueller day off. 

Paint. Draw. Write. Sing. Play an instrument. Dance. Photograph.

Hug a tree.

Funny videos.

Just go with the moment's inspiration. 

Warning: Being childlike could produce a few side effects - 

Laughter and joy
Peace and contentment
Fully present in the moment and stress-free
Creations and expressions
Attracting others with positive energy
Thankfulness and humility