Sunday, June 3, 2018

Bigfoot Researcher: "Urban Sasquatch Researcher"

Today, I cover another Bigfoot researcher I greatly admire. In the case of this one, I consider him to be one of the most relevant, thorough and groundbreaking researchers - the Urban Sasquatch Researcher (LINK)

Since 2014, the Urban Sasquatch Researcher shared a continuous ongoing research area in an enormous state park in Texas. 

What many don't know is that he began his research career in the early 2000s at a habituation site in Texas in which the team and the homeowners managed to revolutionize research and interaction to levels no one ever imagined. The researchers did this to understand it themselves, not to impress or get famous, so when they dispersed to their regular lives again, much of the footage and notes were in the possession of very active team member, the Urban Sasquatch Researcher.

Coming soon on GHT, he is going to share footage, meticulous notes, dates, times, experiments and photos that will shock and amaze. We hope to bring this together with some of the film that MK Davis has analyzed into a series that show what real innovative research can produce.

This researcher is not just intelligent and great at modifying experiments and analyzing results, keeping meticulous notes, but is also a fine human being.

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