Friday, June 1, 2018

Bigfoot Researcher: Sybilla Irwin

Today, I'm covering Bigfoot researcher Sybilla Irwin who adds something quite refreshing to the process and desperately needed - sketch artist work, as well as guiding museum visitors.

Sybilla Irwin has traveled around, taking depositions as a BFRO member and working with witnesses to make some extraordinary sketches and inspired art work. 

Her website SYBILLA IRWIN shares many amazing pieces of art and witness accounts.

She also guides and teaches visitors at the Expedition Bigfoot Museum in Northern Georgia.

Sybilla has brought a brave and curious attitude toward the subject of Bigfoot, always keeping her mind open and listening to encounters from witnesses to get a true and thorough sense of the race of Tall Ones. 

She is not into politics or celebrity, but a peaceful observant understanding of a rare and hidden race of humans.

Her sketches have helped bring a perspective on the subject of Bigfoot that helps the public better understand these hiding people and their ways.

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