Monday, June 4, 2018

Bigfoot Researcher: Karl Sup

No doubt by now my readers have avidly followed researcher Karl Sup's Long Island urban Sasquatch series and the presently ongoing one ChiSquatch about Chicago's urban Sasquatch.

Karl has hoofed it around the country with a policy of looking for Bigfoot in any city his job takes him. He is also active in BFRO in Arizona. Yes, Arizona has a good deal of Bigfoot activity. 

What I hear the most from readers is how very precise this researcher's reports can be. He not only gathers video, audio and photographs, he also provides maps, charts, Google Earth images, and more. He explains precisely what he has come upon as he evaluates evidence of Bigfoot presence, but how he came to some conclusions based on math and science.

Karl has been helpful with audio that MK Davis has been working on, as he provides experience in sound quality and range, as well as infrasound.

As a witness to encounters, as well, Karl has provided the most bone-chilling details of what it sounds, smells, feels and looks like when one encounters Bigfoot in many different situations.

Feel free to type in Karl Sup on the side search bar or look through the list of links including the Long Island Bigfoot, ChiSquatch, his theory about eye morphology, our joint paper on Bigfoot locomotion, and his expert witness reports. 

Just another researcher that makes it possible for me to get accurate and honest information of a most detailed nature.

Karl will be on Unknown Universe radio tomorrow night Tuesday the 5th at 8 pm EST/7 pm CST/5 pm PST.  LINK 

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