Saturday, June 2, 2018

Bigfoot Researcher: David Claerr

Today, I'm covering yet another Bigfoot researcher I greatly admire. Some researchers bring to the table an interesting set of background. Perhaps they have a medical background or they are primate experts, maybe they are outdoorsman and survivalists or study the Native American culture. In David's case, a combination of interest in ancient studies and art have made him not only a fascinating human being, but a very well rounded researcher.

You might have read some of David's fantastic postings on here and seen his art work. He is a field researcher who goes out there and pokes around the world until it provides some evidence of note. And, he does a good deal of research with some focus on ancient giants, an arena I very much encourage research.

I depend on David's accurate and thorough research to help shed light on many things that are out there, including things we don't speak of or don't share publicly because of promises made to witnesses or desire to see things not corrupted by those parading through active areas.

His location is ideal for rooting out Bigfoot mysteries and for creating art based on his own encounters and that of witnesses. 

When I run into researcher's like David, I listen intently and am very proud to know that I can get some well-gathered evidence to piece together a sense of what is going on. He has also written books pertaining to Bigfoot (link below).

David Claerr - David Claerr (Books)
David Claerr (Art)

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