Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Don Monroe Case Files: Ongoing Cave Circuit SharRed Cave

Don Monroe, a long-term Bigfoot researcher, tracker, hunter of great skill, mountain man, survivalist, world traveler, and more, is one of my favorites in the field of research. They simply do not make men like Don anymore. He makes Indiana Jones look like a weekend camper. In this series, I have covered many of Don's research finds, and today I will be talking about his cave circuit and updating my readers.

For years, Don has studied about 9 undocumented caves in a circuit in the Northwestern US. This particular cave, he named "SharRed," for me "Sharon the Red." It was a huge honor that he refers to it with my name as the cave is a very mysterious find.

Upon approaching it, he found berry bramble leaves right inside the opening (at the bottom left of the pic) as if they were stacked there for some reason. They were still green, not that old. But berry brambles were quite some distance away. Their placement at the opening seemed like a signal of sorts. Perhaps "I went berry picking? or Berries are ripe!" 

Deeper inside the cave, he found strange piles of sage brush, about 2-feet deep and 6 or so feet long and about 3 feet wide. There were two piles like this side by side, deeper in, two more side by side piles. These formed what looked like beds that were slept upon and dented.

Just inside the cave on one trek there, he found his lava stone that appears to be a vessel. It was filled with water and the cave is an extremely dry environment. Was it a holding vessel? 

He found this bone piece outside the cave with the stick right next to it. Looks like a tool disassembled so it's not noticed.

One time, he left coins and mardi gras necklaces. He came back to find one hung on a ledge, like a marker.

Going back to SharRed cave once, he found the beds had been moved to the back of the cave, still two beds near each other and two more beds near each other. His prior time to the cave, he had sprayed some perfume, hoping they may come to associate the scent with him having been there.

This time just recently, there was a torrential rain, so heavy no tracks could be made out. He didn't dare enter the SharRed Cave as they were surely avoiding the cold rains. Some bones were present, with some meat still on them, frozen from the cold at the high altitude.

He will be going back again soon when it is dry to see what he can track and find.

Don studies the 9 caves in the circuit regularly but he believes there are at least 4 more that need studying that are almost surely inhabited, as well, making a potential feral tribe larger than he had imagined.

This series is ongoing and updates will be often. 

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