Thursday, May 24, 2018

Scariest Deep Sea Finds

From the time man first took to the sea, what occurred below the water's surface remained a dark and ominous mystery. The legends of sea monsters fed the terror. Let's look at some of the scary things lurking below the surface. 

Just some of the odd creatures found -

The creepiest underwater finds aren't always sights, sometimes, they are sounds - 

Sometimes, we think we capture sea monsters -

There is a legend of a supposed creature that is human-like in shape swimming around in the ocean near Antarctica. They call it the "ningen." 

Creatures that only a mother could love - 

And then there is the ultimate sea monster - the gigantic squid-

Then, there are the things no one was expecting - 

Then, there are the things that are magnificent and creepy discoveries - 

As well, we find mysteries down deep. 

Sighted on sonar in the Baltic Sea, this finding baffled. Many thought it was a downed UFO, but scientists got a sample and deemed it "glacial deposit."

Movies that might spark your imagination about the underwater terrors

The Abyss
Deep Blue Sea
Deep Rising
Deepsea Challenge 3D
Dark Descent 

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