Thursday, May 10, 2018

Experimenting with Psychokinesis Part 1: How Does PK Work?

Psychokinesis ("PK"): The supposed ability to move objects by mental effort alone.

After a lifetime of being a sort of human magnet for metal and energy that screws up electrical, I decided it was time to stop and take a look at when and how these things occur and begin a series of experiments on the top of PK or psychokinesis.

When I hold my hand above an object (in this case hair pins), first there is a slight resistance that lets me know I am not far from an object. This occurs around 10-12 inches (this also tells me how how far out my "aura" of energy reaches in a manner that meets solid objects and detects them)

On this day, during the beginning of the experiment, my aura is 12" but depending on many factors, this can fluctuate greatly. The bigger question here is, can a human command in some way their aura to burst - like a solar flare? In that moment of bursting can we actually move an object? Affect an object? Or possibly even leave a haunting imprint that replays in some way to be a residual haunting in future years/decades/centuries? 

At 4-5 inches distance, there is great resistance, entering the part of the aura that is very dense. This is where it feels like two same-pole magnets meeting and resisting. 

Then, at 2-3 inches, the energy patterns begin to feel circular. This tells me that my aura is pushing against the energy it meets and creating eddies. This might be the sweet spot where true movement can occur.

Our bodies metabolize nutrients to create energy and promote processes, like the qualities of blood, the health of the organs, the immune system. 

Do our auras metabolize outside factors, such as geomagnetic storms, sun's rays, dewpoint, humidity, earth's resonance, etc? Can these factors create an overactive aura like a thyroid can create an overactive metabolic rate? Might other's energies around us also be metabolized, such as the case of people draining us or making us feel better, just be being around them? 

Key here, I think is that I must not think of myself as the definition of my flesh as boundaries. It is not my flesh that will move an object It is my energy, which expands past that threshold. It is not my hand that is moving the object, therefore it is not under the control of my mind, it must therefore be under the control of the (forgive me for sounding new age and vague) soul's resonance. 

I am not certain it is so much the brain that is the seat of this power, but the soul/forces of nature and human. This is something pagans have always known, but something we are resistant to relearning. Resonance has to be a part of it, but how to harness???  Is it the mind's will? Chemistry? Electrical? Other outside factors like geology? Humidity? Barometric pressure? 

Let's look at an example. I can sit in my seat and imagine tapping my foot, but at some point, a guidance has to be given to the muscles and nerves to make this happen. That is the part we call "will."

Can we also exert that "will" that creates action from a thought utilizing forces that move an object? 

In the case of me being an electrical interrupter, I cannot wear watches. On average, they stop working within 24-48 hours. I can walk into a store and the alarms sound. I can walk under light posts and the lights go out. I cannot say that I am the factor, only that these are the types of interruptions I've witnessed in my presence. I could also be just a living breathing biological entity interrupting a pathway with my own electrical system or I might have "bursts" of my "aura" under the right conditions. 

In the case of being a human magnet, I've had a toaster oven open toward me, a metal ornament on a Christmas tree, come 4 feet from the tree toward me. I have spun knives on counters, had them slide, attracted bobby pins, had a metal-rimmed magnifying glass fly out of a cup and land near me. A doll with a metal necklace came off the shelf for me. Cans in the grocery store came down the shelves at me. These are observances over many years and have left me startled and confused.

In all those cases I was harboring long-held anger that I hadn't expressed and felt especially under pressure and resisting the demands from others.

Can emotional content affect objects, building's memories or lay down residual hauntings? That is the big question. Some of us have a sense of it already when we study jails, asylums, and sanitoriums.

I have a lot of experiments to form and some I'd like my whole investigation team try out. For more from our team's awesome site and the great blog posts there, go to ARIZONA PARANORMAL RESEARCH.

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