Electronic Voice Phenomenon: How the Skeptics Got It Wrong Part 5a

**This is a series for Ghost Hunting Theories written by Jim Kelly, the EVP specialist in our Arizona paranormal think tank group.** 

I have been off line for several weeks writing other articles and working on a case study of the most active haunting I have ever experienced. That article is almost complete and will be out shortly, but I wanted to share this piece of audio evidence from an investigation that occurred almost two years ago. 

I was asked by a friend of mine to assist her in a haunting case that involved a mother and her two children. This family was hearing voices all over the house and seeing shadow figures as well.

At times I free-lance with other investigators that need help with cases. This was not an APR case.

We conducted two investigations of that location. During the second investigation I captured an unexplained voice answering a question about the afterlife during a controlled EVP session in what turned out to be the most active location in the home; the children’s play room. We captured several pieces of evidence in that location. We even captured object movement on audio inside the room as well.

The children's playroom where multiple paranormal voices and object movement was captured on audio in two investigations inside of this home.

I will write the entire history of this case coming up in the case report but I thought this audio evidence was important enough to share on its own merit and release it to the public.

On this particular investigation, we were moving from room to room in this tiny house conducting group and solo audio sessions throughout the night. I had placed recording devices in each room using omni directional microphones on some of the units. What I usually do is place one omni directional microphone and one recorder without a microphone in the same room to have control audio available for verification purposes. I also do this to track hot spots of paranormal activity since audible phenomena likes to hang around certain areas in buildings and homes. I can verify this with my own evidence throughout the years. It is not theory anymore.

One of the investigators asked two quick questions during the EVP session and this voice was captured on one of the two audio recorders in the children’s play room.

Turn your computer speakers up to full volume and you should have no trouble hearing this audio file.

Investigator: “Why do you stay in this house?” “Do you need help crossing over?”

EVP: “Yes” at the 9 second mark on this clip below:

David Marli, a member of our research team, took the same clip and amplified the EVP response below just in case you did not hear the “Yes” response. Click on the audio file below:

This is a direct audio response to an intelligent question. This evidence fits into that established criteria in the case studies that have been published at:


This is the first time ever in nearly 15 years of audio investigation that I have captured a response commenting on life after death and the difficulty of passing over. It’s chilling to think about.

The implication is undeniable. This voice appears to know that he is deceased and this is obviously a male voice responding. This EVP session was conducted under controlled conditions. We knew where everyone was when it was captured on audio.

Is this direct evidence that ghosts exists? A discarnate body of intelligence that survives after our physical body dies and continues to intelligently function? This is a common belief by investigators and parapsychologists and has been for many years. This audio clip provides possible evidence pointing towards that theory. Even though I talk about EVP being a lynch pin towards identifying a haunting quite often, do we now have direct evidence supporting survival after death?

Or, are you a skeptic that believes that I just happened to record a stray piece of radio frequency that said “Yes” just after the question was asked? That is possible as well.

However, we recorded multiple paranormal voices in the home during both investigations. We captured another voice coming from that play room during the first investigation during a controlled EVP session. When I release the entire case study you can judge for yourself. The home was cleansed after the second investigation and the phenomena ended abruptly after the ritual. I recorded the cleansing as well and we received guttural responses during the ritual. That to will be covered in the up –coming complete case report.

Stay tuned……

For more case studies visit www.arizonaparanormalresearch.com or, click on the case file link below: