Saturday, May 19, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: My Creepy Arts and Crafts

I enjoy creepy arts and crafts, whether it's making Halloween props or simply dark wall art, horror stories, and even flash short horror films. It's one thing to admire horror and suspense, and another one to roll up your sleeves and create the elements you enjoy.

Abby was a brand-new mannequin head that just screamed for me to make her old and vintage. It took some layers of paint and crackle medium and a black glaze rubbed into the cracks, but she became everything I wanted her to be.

My black-eyed kids mirror was such a success (you can sometimes see these photos I did up online, as people borrow them to express the black-eyed kids. They were Victorian children's pics I blacked the eyes out on)

That mirror idea was so cool, I just had to do the "peeper" mirror.

This Ouija board wall hanging I made to look as if a love-obsessed youth had utilized it much in his quest to possess the young girl of his affection.

A plain heap paper plague mask from Amazon I aged with black paint, crackle medium, some olive coloring, rust coloring and tan.

Plastic in a doorway, a light behind you, someone on the other side of the plastic taking pics and - 

A light inside a cracked doll head - or more doll heads with lights for impact while horror movie watching -

Doing my mannequin up like Elvira.

Painting a ghost ship - 

Sometimes, my horror art might include creating short videos. In these cases below, a horror short movie, a moody sound horror video, and instructions on how to make a fake bruise - 

The key is creativity and utilizing what is around you. True art comes from a need to express and any medium that allows you to manipulate it aesthetically to suit your goal.

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