Bigfoot Researchers: Fred Kanney and Connie Fox

I'd like to start showcasing some researchers I admire a great deal in the field of Bigfoot research. Today, I'd like to talk about Fred Kanney and Connie Fox out of my home state of Virginia.

FACEBOOK PAGE:  VA Mountains Bigfoot Research

Freddie and Connie are a most thorough team. They know the mountains of Virginia and they spend long periods of time in areas to the clans around them to be more open, to come and go without threat. This allows them innumerable encounters.

In this video below, a still shot captured something interesting when Fred panned his camera and came back to a spot. This is a practice he does often which I encourage - pan the camera slowly 180 degrees, pan it back. When you take the time on your computer at home, you will see what changed in that vista when you panned one way and then the other. They often peek from behind a tree, or step back behind the tree when you aren't looking. This is the most common way to see one.

This fellow above was doing as Bigfoot do, standing still so they are part of the forest and you don't see them. The only thing this auburn guy didn't account for was the wind lifting his hair - 

As you watch their videos on their Facebook site and the ones Fred has on his YouTube channel, you get a good understanding of some extraordinary interactions done by being nonintrusive and respectful cohabitators. They know which areas are off limits and possible "nurseries" and which areas they hunt. This awareness and consideration does much to earn respect over time.

Fred will show every detail of his tracking and every clue the forest gives so that the viewer can be better educated. He also utilizes Native language as this has the best response. 

I hope that you enjoy their discussions and shares. They are very open about sharing information, something that is so rarely seen these days! 

**Don't miss Fred on Vegas Supernatural June 4th! (below)