Bigfoot Researcher: Jaime Avalos

I am enjoying sharing some of my favorite researchers of the subject of Bigfoot. It takes a special mix of ingredients to take my notice including thankless hours of research, honing the knowledge, taking novel approaches, being respectful of the subject, and maintaining discipline and ethics in the gathering and sharing of information. Jaime Avalos is definitely in my top spots of favorite researchers.
WEBSITE: Sierra Sasquatch
YOUTUBE: Sierra Sasquatch

Jaime is a highly intelligent researcher in the California Sierra Nevada Range. He has a background in military, survival expert, orthopedic surgery nurse, and martial arts practitioner. 

Jaime follows some unique practices when entering the field, including fasting beforehand and often going out with only one or two tools to live off the land. He becomes part of the forest, smells of the forest, moves with the forest, and can more readily observe. 

His foot castings for many trackways across the Sierras have shed much light on what is out there including finding matching footprints in widely separate areas, showing the ability to cover much ground in this mountainous region and, in a way, confirming my own concepts that they are a mountain-adapted people.

Jaime has a great attitude, a very curious and highly intelligent mind. His background makes him an ideal candidate for seeking out their paths and documenting their orthopedic features. 

I recommend following him and staying up to date on this information. This researcher is a keeper.