Bigfoot Researcher: Don Monroe

As I continue to share some Bigfoot researchers I really respect, one comes to mind immediately - Don Monroe.  Don makes Indiana Jones seem like a wannabe. Let me explain why. 

Don has been easily 4 decades into research and about 6 decades into world travel. He is a mountain man at heart who knows how to hunt, track, kill, prepare, and live off the land. He is out in nature in mountainous terrain easily 85% of his waking time. He has traveled the world and learned from Native People around the globe as well as searching the Yowie in Australia.

This researcher is a lone independent powerhouse of curiosity and knowledge. He has vast knowledge about life and nature and reverence for all people, but also a special place in his heart for the First Nations people. He is also so well read and studied that I find very little he cannot quote and recall meticulously.

Some of the things he's brought to research have shocked in amazed, like the giant handprint in Lovelock cave that he and MK Davis discovered, a 24-inch foot casting, and the hand of unknown origin. As much as he researches, the more he finds, the more questions he has.

Don is as rugged and studied, experienced and knowledgeable as anyone I have ever known. I am proud to have him a colleague and pleased to call him a dear friend, as well.