Ripley's Believe It Or Not!

Robert Ripley began the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" entertainment franchise in 1918 with a cartoon feature. But, over the decades it branched out into television, newspapers, and a chain of museums. 

Let's delve into some of the things Ripley's has brought to the curious public.

Today, you can find Ripley's online still covering oddities, freaky things, unexplained, and all that is strange about humanity.

Like any good sideshow display, Ripley's ignites the imagination about what else might be out there in our universe that we never contemplated. We are both horrified and curious at the same time. If there were such a thing as rubbernecking in the entertainment industry, Ripley's would be causing traffic jams with lookie loo's too fascinated to turn away.

The comics are collectibles, but the information that Ripley shared about the fascinating world we live in were both titillating and educational. Here's some samples  -

Museum locations
Gatlinburg, TN
Myrtle Beach, SC
Toronto, Canada
Hollywood, CA
San Francisco, CA
Atlantic City, NJ
Branson, MO
Grand Prairie, TX
Cavendish, Canada
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Key West, FL
Wildwood, NJ
San Antonio, TX
Niagara Falls, CA
Orlando, FL
Alamo Plaza, TX
Panama Beach, FL
St. Augustine, FL
Newport, OR
Williamsburg, VA
Baltimore, MD
Ocean City, MD
Surfer's Paradise, AU
Blackpool, UK
Genting Highlands, Malaysia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Copenhagen, DK
Jeju Island, Korea
Guadalajara, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Vera Cruz, Mexico
Pattaya, Thailand

Just some uncovered items 

Researchers in China have discovered a 115-lb, 4.5 foot long, Chinese giant salamander in an underground cave. They estimate it to be 200 years old.

Doctors have pulled over 1,000 ants out of Shreya Darji ears, but they just keep coming.