Quadruped Bigfoot

I've discussed before Bigfoot's proportions compared to yours and mine. We have long legs which makes walking on all four awkward with our bottoms hiked up in the air, as our arms are not as long as our legs. But, Bigfoot has long arms and proportionally not so long legs when compared to body length. Let's look. 

Although my lasso and paste on Photoshop is not stellar, removing her arm at the shoulder and placing it at the hip joint reveals that Patty's arms and legs were proportional and ideal for quadrupedal movement. 

This doesn't make her arboreal. Her feet certainly do not show gripping opposing big toe, but it does mean she was likely adapted for a mountainous area where she would climb and scramble up hillsides and over boulders, something many have witnessed Bigfoot doing with exceptional skill. The muscular thighs and arms are a great help in this adaptation, as well. 

This is yet another thing to consider when looking at these relatives of Homo sapiens.