Monday, April 16, 2018

Most Unusual Bigfoot Encounter Ever!

I deal with a lot of X-Files type subjects, but now and then a case comes to me from a most credible witness, one that I questioned in every angle and way, and their story is absolutely air-tight and valid but so incredibly amazing that, well, I get goosebumps. This is one such case - 

This very seasoned researcher was called to a trailer in Idaho. The residents there reported nearly nightly encounters.

He was in the trailer with the screen door in place, around 4-5 pm when he saw shadows moving across the lawn.

A very buff figure came up to the screen then backed away and came back cautiously toward it.

At this point, the researcher stood about 6 feet away watching it, but it didn’t seem to be able to see through the screen.

He observed an oval shaped head, short hair, whisker-like hair on the face like a man who hadn't shaved in days. The hair was brown-black. The skin was a dusky gray. The eyes were large and an ice blue color. The nostrils were full but not wide. And, the overall look in the eyes was very intelligent (witness reported a few times that he got the distinct feeling from the eyes that this guy was keenly intelligent, more so than himself)

With its head turned about 45 degrees away, the researcher witnessed something that left him breathless. From the pupils, extensions telescoped out, like when you hit the button on a camera and the lens extends. They extended out perhaps a half inch and were red brown but more red than brown and almost looked plastic. It turned its head to face him and the pupil extensions went back into the eye. It pivoted and left.

I am reminded of the movie "Predator" and how its vision was thermal. When Arnold's character was covered in mud and stayed still, it couldn't see him. 

Why raised pupils? It seems as if this guy were honing in on the researcher's location utilizing something to aid it during twilight.

You and I have pupils that expand or contract on a linear plane, utilized to allow light in and out for better viewing. But, this fellow had pupils that thrust forward as if utilizing a whole different dimension of vision.

If our pupils works to let light and dark out, could this pupils be working on an ultraviolet or infrared range?  And, at night time, if a light were to hit the eyes, might they look red glowing?

The need to be raised could also have to do with focus - perhaps they have exceptional peripheral vision but straight on discerning under certain conditions is difficult. 

There is also the possibility that this works more to pick up environmental cues around it like wind, electromagnetic energy, or the very life force that is another living being. 

This will be an ongoing project, as I hope to talk to some eye specialists and get the professional sketch completed and see where we go from there to understand why and how these people developed this particular adaptation. 

If my theory of Bigfoot coming from a high elevation mountain-adapted branch of man, the vision would need to adapt to seeing in fog and blizzards. That kind of filtering of their environment is similar to trying to peer through the screen. They would have to utilize the extra adaptation for penetrating environmental filters. 

*We have a sketch artist working to make a rendition which I will share on the blog when it is done. In the mean time, this is the witness's drawing below*


  1. Hi Sharon...are there any military or government facilities close to this location? Great post.

    1. Good question. If there are, they are secret.