How To Adventure - Indoors or Outdoors!

Adventure: An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.

The weather is warming up for most of us, some of y'all have cooling weather in the Southern Hemisphere and that makes for outdoors fun, as well. Let's talk about adding some adventure in your life, from simple things you can do if mobility is an issue to full-out hardcore thrills. The key here is testing new waters.

The art of adventuring is something inherent in all human beings, whether we like to take road trips, hike, camp, or perform adrenalin-producing challenges. 

Things to consider to make your adventuring fulfilling include; the right music, the right atmosphere, lots of video and photos to document, proper preparation, some research, and of course people to share it with! After all, when all is said and done, you want someone who remembers when....

The motivations behind adventuring are vast including curiosity, whimsy, seeking knowledge, seeking life experiences, mastering something, discovering something, and any other reason you can think of to fill in this statement, "I did it because ___________."

Adventuring Indoors
Ideal for poor weather/immobility

Depending on financial reasons, mobility, transportation, weather and other factors, sometimes adventuring at home is the only option. Even though it may seem impossible, let me list some of the options to free yourself up emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically in your own space.

*blow bubbles
*research subjects on the Internet
*make a time capsule and hide it.
*start a blog about a subject you're passionate about or expertise you have
*joining groups/pages on Facebook
*metal detect in your yard
*going to museums
*going to planetariums
*shadow puppets on the wall
*ouija board or board games
*setting up a designated research space
*pinning a map to the wall to mark off sightings
*growing herbs in the window
*building a blanket fort for movie watching
*setting up a star projector to shine on the ceiling
*building a telescope (online instructions)
*making videos (Windows moviemaker is free)
*perform an EVP session to talk to the dead with recorder
*make a YouTube instructional video
*MST 3000 a movie - put on a bad movie and heckle it.
*learn how to play spoons

from simple nonthreatening to hardcore adrenalin

Heading out and about, the world is your oyster for adventure, so I am going to give you a wide variety of examples from easy to do and free to more complicated and challenging. 

*put a strong magnet on a pole and go meteorite hunting.
*force yourself to drive home a different way, make it up as you go along. See new sights!
*take a metal detector and see what you can dig up in areas that saw a lot of historic events or population.
*map out the graves in a cemetery and send the info to  or consider doing grave rubbings.
*have a bonfire, tell stories
*plant some giant pumpkin seeds for fall fun
*plot out a Halloween haunt design for your yard and begin construction now
*go on a ghost tour
*join a meetup group for hiking, astronomy, paranormal, or other interests
*go to a crybaby bridge or a haunted train tunnel and take video
*try a zipline ride
*go to an amusement park and ride whatever scares you the most
*take a raft and hit the whitewater
*rent a haunted room and spend the night
*plan a camping trip in a haunted campground
*plan a family or friends expedition by geocaching 
*go to a popular escape room to try to figure out the clues and beat the deadline.
*road trip to a ghost town. 

I suggest that you take note of things you are obsessed with, UFO documentaries, battlefields, fortune hunting and things you adored as a kid such as building tree forts, playing in streams, blanket forts. 

When a child lies back in a meadow and studies the clouds, he's not just daydreaming, he's getting a sense of himself, the universe, and the way it all fits together into a beautiful dance that offers security and adventure. On the one hand, the child is comfortable in the soft grass, on the other hand he is wondering about what the clouds of made of and feeling the coming moisture of a storm that makes his world more predictable and less chaotic.

When you delve back into curiosity and time with nature and child's play, you are really reconnecting with something you might have lost as a busy adult - the ability to ask question of the universe and then go out seeking the answers.

Have fun adventuring!