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Does New Zealand Demonstrate Influence of an Earlier Seafaring Race?

Zealandia is a previously unknown continent that sank, leaving remnants; New Zealand and New Caledonia. It appeared to have broken off of Australia tens of millions of years ago and sank 23 million years ago. This is only the beginning of interesting aspects of New Zealand's history. 

New Zealand is another fascinating find in the South Pacific that boasts a most unusual migration of people to its shores over thousands of years. 

But what of unexplained civilizations? 

The Maori people of New Zealand produce "white-skinned, very tall, freckled, redheads and blonds." The Solomon Islands also have 10% blonds in their population and studies showed that the hair color did not come from the same origin as European blonds. 

Interestingly, the Spanish upon arriving at the Canary Islands in the Atlantic found a tall people with red and blond hair. They were reported to seem as if they were stranded there, thrilled to have someone arrive, as they had no boats or boat-making skills. 

What were the origins of these people? Was it an earlier seafaring man? Perhaps the Denisovans whose DNA shows up in these regions or the "other man" that we have yet to find but whose DNA shows up in these people also.

As if there is more strange overlapping in cultures,  The white Maori’s are called Tuhae-ka. Tokah-le means “freckled” in the Creek languages (LINK)

Kaimanawa Wall (above) is approximately 2000 years old and believed to be built by first settlers. Waitaha were the first settlers, supposedly killed off by the latter-arriving Maori 800 years later. There is debate that the wall occurred naturally.

If we go back to the early origins of civilization in this beautiful paradise, the Waitaha people are referred to as Chinese settlers and stone cutters. 

(LINKThen there were the Urukehu, a fair-skinned people also known as the Starwalkers who were skilled at reading the geometry of the stars and were the navigators guiding the people to this land; and the Kiritea or Stone people, who came from Asian lands and who carried the greenstone over mountain passes.

The Waitaha, claiming that they pre-empt the Maori of course challenge the Waitangi Tribunal. Waitaha leader Rangimarie Te Maiharoa says the settlement will “extinguish customary rights and aboriginal title of our people”.

This giant spiral was found in Waimatenui, New Zealand. 

The Paracus redheads of Peru intrigue a great deal, but Maori people's DNA was found connected to the Peru redheads and interestingly the legends are that the Maori people came to New Zealand after being driven out of Peru. 

It seem as if anthropologists, in their desire to see the world as separate continents and early man moving on foot, has assumed a great deal about what is possible and what is impossible; tossing aside evidence that does not fit their concepts.

The Rapa Nui of Easter Island worshipped a "Birdman" Tangata (bird) Manu (man) (LINK) This Birdman cult was on both Easter Island and in Orongo Bay, New Zealand. 




We know that pyramids of similar appearance are found around the world, as are similar symbols such as the spiral.


Nevada, USA

Homo floresiensis, aka "The Hobbit," was found in Indonesia and after much going back and forth, believed to have adapted and evolved on the islands into a smaller man of about 3'7" tall. 

The aborigines of Australia were found to be the oldest population of Native People to breed in relative isolation. How did they get to Australia and if they were seafarers that arrived there, why did the mate in relative isolation without interruption until Europeans arrival? 

It is becoming more and more evident through DNA studies and taking a new look at archaeological finds, that man had an earlier relative, whether Homo sapiens or other, who deposited themselves around the world where they mated with the locals, perhaps brought people to far reaches and left them there. The hints are all there. 

Enjoy this amazing documentary. It is quite mind-blowing and helps to unlock the questions to be answered - 

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