Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Tactical Wear

Today's blog post, I thought I'd cover something I consider important in field research - tactical wear, or how to dress for success when chasing the unkown.

I started out in field research using a backpack, but that meant pulling it off and fishing around in it.

I moved on to a fanny pack when I was new to investigating as I didn't have a lot of items I deemed necessary, but that meant items often fell out or I missed putting something back because I didn't know it was missing from behind.

On simple day treks, I utilize cargo pants with lots of pockets and sometimes a vest that has some pockets for cameras. If I go urbex'ing, I like to put some rocks in my pocket. It helps to toss them ahead to clear out snakes and wildlife, as well as tossing them at a building to be sure anyone inside comes out. I'd much rather face them outside than indoors and trapped in a floor plan that is unfamiliar.

I eventually upgraded to a HumVee vest that has mesh in the back and about 20 pockets all around and hooks for caribeaners to hang more items.

I recently came across a fantastic tactical wear place online and I wanted to share it with everyone, as many of my readers are fishermen, hunters, explorers, cavers, rafters, and the like. 

Virtus is pretty cool. The company furnished me some info on its unique and amazing background - 

Virtus is the only clothing out there forged in combat and treated on a molecular level to function in the most extreme environments in the world.

A combat vet, marine sergeant, and extreme outdoor sports enthusiast, founder David Wood served four deployments that spanned the triple-canopy jungles of Latin America, several deserts, and an initial deployment to Afghanistan. David realized the gear they needed to withstand a 6-9 month deployment in extreme conditions, and be quick-washed in a stream just didn’t exist. Most outdoors brands weren’t made to fit athletic body types - they were bulky, loose, and not made to excel in camping-type scenarios.

As Marines, quality clothing makes the difference between success or failure, winning or losing, life or death. We want to provide the armor for everyday people to conquer their fears and be their own heroes.

We’ve tested our outdoor gear for decades now across an elite team of special forces operators, outdoor sports enthusiasts, active duty personnel and more, and the verdict stands: Virtus makes the highest quality outdoor apparel to keep you warm & protected while you do what you love.

I think the camping, rock climbing, hiking and otherwise outdoors enthusiasts in your audience at Ghost Hunting Theories would be interested in learning about our Virtus Leaf 3 Jacket System. It’s created to withstand the harshest temperatures and most extreme climates, and has become a favorite among active duty military. Want to join our elite family of warriors?

Lightweight jacket

Medium-weight pants

The designs are very badass looking and the concept of having adaptable wear that comes in lightweight or severe weather and the like, it's brilliant!

*Tomorrow on GHT - "Impressive Mass UFO Sightings*

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