Blog Entry Saturday: Creepiest Interesting Locations

We all have locations we most want to visit. Maybe they have a crazy reputation or look fascinating and creepy, have a weird history, or have a gut feeling that walking the site would be high strangeness. I'm going to share some unexplained or quirky locations I find fascinating and would love to see in person.

Pripyat, Ukraine
In 1986, the town was evacuated following a nuclear disaster. It has sat since in silence. 

Doll Island, Mexico
This island in a waterway canal has a dark reputation. The farmer who lived there said a girl drown in the canal. To appease her spirit, he began leaving dolls. Over time, others brought him dolls and the island was covered with them. Later, the farmer himself drowned in the canal. Now it sits as a silent testimony to urban legends and everyone's inherent fear of dolls.

Hoia Baciu Clearing, Romania
"Destination Truth" show highlighted this strange circle in the forest where supposedly bad things happened. One of the crew was tossed in the air and scratched, others became sick. The woods have odd lights and strange sounds. 

Aokigahara "Suicide" Forest, Japan
This dark forest on the edge of Mt. Fuji has a reputation as one of the most suicides per year, approximately over 100. As well, it's easy to get lost in this very dark place.

Ukovik, Alaska
The Native "People of the Sea" lived here on King Island until 50 years ago when they all left to school their children on the mainland. 

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