Bizarre Skin Conditions

Skin is like the paper on which our story is written. Sometimes, however, that paper can develop conditions that are quite unusual and for various reasons. Let's look at skin gone odd - 

The man above was treating his dermatitis with colloidal silver. He drank it and then rubbed it on his skin. Following this, he led a rather reclusive life. Recently, the poor gentleman died of a heart attack at the age of 62.

In this case (photo above), a case of HPV warts went out of control and created "tree arms" on this person. Luckily, recent advances in treating it and understanding what it is, have helped these sufferers.

This beautiful woman (photo above) has vitiligo. In this condition, patches of skin become discolored. This is the disease that Michael Jackson claimed he had that made him turn pale.

Hypertrichosis (photo above) is an inherited skin condition in which the body grows profuse hair all over. 

Icthyosis is a rare skin condition people are born with that creates dry scaly skin. The condition can occur in adults also who have been exposed to HIV, lymphoma, and cancer. It can create a situation of being unable to cool oneself off and needs regular pumice and moisturizing. An extreme newborn version called Harlequin can be deadly. 

Elephantitis is a rare condition that creates large wart-like nodules.

Cutaneous horns usually develop in older population in areas of the skin that have been exposed to sunlight for decades.

So many things can go wrong with skin growth and health that any disease issues are easily noticed and hopefully expediently treated.