Tuesday, March 27, 2018

UFO Hunt and Urban Exploration

This past weekend my best friend Julie and I headed out into the desert to the site of a 2012 UFO sighting made by myself and another friend. I've long wondered what it was we encountered and if it might come back. So, we headed out to the area of Mobile, AZ and parked ourselves at the abandoned trailer park site and enjoyed some URBEX photography and then after dark a little UFO watching.

With the sun setting in the open desert, all the debris was awash in the light.

As the sun went down, we watched a train go by.

When it got dark, we hunkered down in the cool night with 180 degrees of clear sky, no street lights, and lots of stars.

We did not see the red-orange orbs that I had watched before, but we did see some hovering lights in the distance that didn't make any sense. There was no mountain or towers there, no reason for the lights to hover. Sometimes a light would show up and join them in a formation, at one point a 6-light v-shaped pattern. It looked identical to the infamous Phoenix lights. 

Through the binoculars, they looked rainbow-like in their quality. That came across in a photo I took. 

My first try, the flash was on and I got the three lights faintly.

I turned off the flash and got this 

We ended up chasing up the roadway toward it but by then there was only one light. We didn't identify what created the floating lights, but it made for an interesting study. 

I did some live facebook'ing too. I plan to do a lot more live facebook'ing during investigations and our Route 66 trip this summer, so if you follow me on there, you're going to enjoy. My Facebook profile link is on the left-hand side of the blog and I am sharon.day.10

No true UFO that we can claim with certainty, but we had a fantastic time photographing and abandoned site and studying the beautiful inky sky on a cool night.

And, I had to have some antics too because I work very hard and I play hard -

*Tomorrow on GHT - a new installment of Karl Sup's "ChiSquatch" series about urban Bigfoot in the Chicago area.*

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