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The Urban Sasquatch Journal: A Tree Falls

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting. Read the prior series HERE.

Journal Volume 4
Field Visit #7
Sunday February 19, 2017

There are 25 photos with this report.

I decided to visit the site again on short notice. I was at the site yesterday and had to see if any setup items were messed with since then. I arrived at the park at 3:26 PM. The conditions were: temperature 80, partly cloudy, humidity 64%, wind 17 mph. Heavy rains were expected for Sunday night with possible flooding. I hiked to the site.

Observations and photos:

#1. At the cedar tree past the 0.25 mile marker, I added a short 2X4 in a tree crook above the gold colored container.

At 3:48 PM, I entered the site tree line. I did my flute notes and moved on to the pipes. I then did the 3 tree knocks.

Wow! As I was moving around in the pipes area, I heard what sounded like a large tree pushed over in the direction of the deep site area.???? That was a first for me out here and got my attention.

#2. thru #4. On pipe #2. I did this small setup with 6 small sticks, a large marble, 4 small metal socket pieces, and 2 small metal flower pieces.

At 3:58 PM moving thru mid-site to deep site. Can I find the tree that I heard? We'll see.

The wind has died down. it was very calm. As I got to deep site and looked around, I couldn't see anew tree fall etc. Also none of the items set up yesterday had changed. I did new setups today among those from yesterday. The following photos #5. thru #21 are new setups plus those from yesterday.

#5. Blue ball w/ face in tree crook.

#6. The plastic garbage container with balls, plastic items, dolls, toys, etc. The container is tied to the small bush behind it.

#7. I hung the 3 toy soldiers on the branches from this bush.

#8. Red ribbons and deer antler hung on a large limb.

#9. On the same limb, 'Clyde', "LiL Joe Young', earth ball, and 2 'dream catchers'.

#10. I put the white tire in this tree crook.

#11. The yellow tire with no rim in another tree crook.

#12. A plastic garbage can lid in another tree crook.

#13. These painted limbs, I leaned into this major grouping of bush limbs and attached 2 bungee cords around them to hold in place.

#14. The frog doll and bee-bear doll, I put on 2 crooks on the grouping bush.

#15. 'Clyde' and `Lil Joe Young' on the same limb.

#16. Items I had moved to the site included water meter covers, buckets, small 2X4's, pieces of painted limbs.

#17. My camp chair, I hung from this limb. It's a permanent fixture at the site. To this day it has not been taken.

#18. The food bucket still in place, No food has been taken yet.

#19. I put the green bucket next to the plastic garbage container.

#20. The red tire and black tires, I placed in the tree crooks seen. This is the path entry into the site.

#21. The log stump, red rock, limb knocker.

#22. thru #25. Looking up into the trees around the site, I noticed a large nest. I took these 4 photos from different angles and distances. When one is near the tree, the nest looks to approximately 5' in length.????

At 4:50 PM, I left the area back to my vehicle.

This concludes Field Report #7 for Sunday February 19, 2017.

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