Real-Life Voluntary Castaway!

There have been many people adrift at sea and some that get marooned on a deserted island, but one man lived 16 years in isolation voluntarily. His story is quite amazing and he crafted it into a most-compelling book, An Island To Oneself by Tom Neale.

Sure, sometimes you want to leave the rat race and maybe kick back on a beach and just catch some rays, but have you ever thought about the reality of living on an island alone and being completely reliant on your own skills to survive? 

Well, one man did.

New Zealander, Tom Neale decided to inhabit a lonely island in the Cook Islands. A ship dropped him off along with water, cats and books. He found that during WWII, some wild pigs and chickens inhabited the island. This gave him even more sustenance.

He planted a garden, repaired a beached boat, and had a pleasant enough time.

By the mid 1950s, he had an injury that had him paralyzed for a time. Luckily, a couple found him and sent for help in New Zealand. They brought him back to the country.

Within a few years, the married father decided to head back with supplies for a several-year stay.

After several years, too much traffic in the area made him decide to leave again.

He only stayed away a few years before he was drawn to go back. This time, he stayed 10 years! Eventually, a couple found him ailing and got him to the mainland where he was found to have cancer and died.

It takes a most unusual person to be able to tolerate that kind of existence and to be drawn to go back time and time again. 

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