Friday, March 2, 2018

Fairy Magic: If You Build It, Will They Come?

For all the wonder and excitement about fairies and their mythical existence, some believe they are in the forests and, what's more, if you build them a home, they will come.

Do these fairy houses and gardens really attract some kind of mythical magical flying beings with gentle and shy natures?

It's not uncommon for loving parents to encourage attracting fairies and then take magical video or photos of them in their new homes for the children to visit.

Beautiful photos abound of supposed fairies captured in photographs as well as some beautiful artists' creations.

Here (below) is one man's experience as he reports it - 

Some advise leaving delicious treats as offerings. Some things a fairy might enjoy include a mustache comb for her hair, a sweet treat, lip gloss, soft fabric for her nest. (LINK)

For supposed true encounters with fairies, check here LINK

(Below) this supposed fairy pic reminds me of another one - 

(BELOW) A reader of GHT took a picture of some bushes at night, but when zoomed in, the "fairy" light becomes a spider. 

How about turning yourself into a fairy? A little face-in-hole technology and you can place your face on a fairy's body. (LINK)

If you make a fairy house, will they come? Given their supposed shy nature, you may never know. Perhaps you should experiment by leaving some flour outside their door and see if they leave wee footprints....

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