Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blog Entry Saturday: Plotting Adventures

This weekend my best friend and fellow investigator and author, Julie Ferguson, had plotted out a curious adventure for one evening, a UFO hunt (more on that at the of this post). 

Our simple adventure had me thinking about some of the things we've done over our 8-year friendship that were "adventures" in the unexplained, paranormal, and horror.

I highly recommend them, even if it's just an evening or a road trip or an extensive vacation.

Our first time meeting, we went to an event at an historic downtown cemetery. We did clean-up and then a ghost investigation. That had us wanting to go out and do more.

We checked out a UFO/alien-themed restaurant in Gila Bend outside of Phoenix. We drove around, saw abandoned buildings and took photos of them which started a love of urban exploration.

We began to go on group ghost investigations together.

We made lots of treks to haunted places, cemeteries, and events, like ComicCon, zombie walk, monster-themed restaurant, and FearCon. 

We went out hunting for UFOs and Bigfoot.

We took long-distance trips to see some famous spots and unexplained locations, while taking photos of abandoned sites. We hit a pirate-haunted beach, Moundsville, Gettysburg, Point Pleasant, the cemetery from "Night of the Living Dead."

We eventually did investigations together and road trips, but also worked on books together like our Zombie Housewives series.

The key to adventures is they are open and curious. Are there pirate ghosts? What is a spooklight? What's Roswell like? Is this city ghost tour any good? Could I make it through the night at a haunted bed and breakfast? 

Sometimes, a trek for one thing leads to another. While in Tombstone, AZ for a ghost investigation at the Birdcage Theater, we turned down a street and found beautiful abandoned buildings to photograph. 

Start that plotting now that spring is here. 

The UFO hunt this weekend

In May 2012, a friend was visiting from out of state. He builds telescopes, so we planned to go out into the desert to set it up away from city lights. I knew a place I frequented that had an old abandoned trailer park, so we headed out there to set up before sunset and begin my first time looking through a telescope. 

At one point, while my friend was climbing into his car to get something, I stared off into the distance where I saw a strange red-orange glowing ball in the air. Another one popped up and leap-frogged over it. Then the first light leap-frogged over the other. They were moving rapidly along the power line that paralleled the road we were parked near. 

At first, I thought it was some kind of electrical thing that I had never witnessed before. As they came closer, I prepared to duck down as they were headed our way. But then, they suddenly just disappeared, died out, fizzled in a tiny fraction of a second.

I opened my mouth to say something and my friend came over and I pointed and talked about it and we watched as another light started up in a slightly different area. A second light came on and gave it a chase. It was down below the outline of distant mountains. We studied the sky above, no planes, no sound.

The lights continued to come and go, sometimes one, sometimes two, but short lived. Each time they moved differently and were in slightly different areas. There was never a sound associated with them and the lights seemed to be lit from within but not a kind of light that spread over the area, it was contained. 

I pondered the area as it was the location of the Phoenix Lights seen above South Mountain. This was on the backside of South Mountain where the lights seemed to disappear.

These lights did not appear to be associated with a craft and they were distinctly red orange. They were not flares, their movements were horizontal and sometimes climbing. 

We had no explanation for what we were seeing and we stayed for quite a while watching them before we finally refocused on loading up the telescope. 

Julie and I plan to sit in this UFO-zone (not far from here is a UFO cafe). We will do some live facebook'ing to share the findings. I hope to have something to share here on the blog. 

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