Monday, February 5, 2018

When Cemeteries Flood

It wasn't just in the movie "Poltergeist" where graves surfaced. Often floods bring to surface the last occupants of the town and sometimes in grizzly scenarios like something out of a zombie movie.

Suitland, Maryland: A casket bobbed up to the surface during flooding at Cedar Hill Cemetery. 

Riceville Cemetery in Houston, Texas had a similar incident of flooding raising the dead. It was quite the flood, given that the cemetery has burials back in the 1800s without such issue.

Louisiana is not a stranger to floating caskets. Belle Rose, Louisiana saw a flood that took a lot of coffins away. 

How about 95 bodies running away? In Albany, Georgia, that happened. The caskets took off down the Flint River. 

Hardin, Missouri saw a horrible flood, so bad that the church's cemetery. Close to 900 caskets floated down river toward St. Louis and the Mississippi!

Tropical Storm Irene devastated a Vermont cemetery.

World War II coffins took to the surface after flooding the Marshall Islands

Hurricane Isaac washed away caskets and remains in Braithwaite, where military members helped to identify and replace them to their proper ground.

With loving attention, these coffins and their remains were put to rest again. Thankfully, no Poltergeist-like incidents occurred.

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