The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Tricky Manipulations

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting. Read the prior series HERE.

Journal Volume 4

Field Visit #5
Saturday, February 11, 2017

There are 55 photos with this report.

I brought no food items today. I decided to make my observations and re-evaluate as to move the current main site location and the items for interactions etc. I may relocate the main site about 50 yds. further to the NE into a thicker area. I will make my decision after getting there.

I left home approximately 9:58 AM and arrived at the parking area 10:18 AM. The conditions were as follows: temperature 77, humidity 75%, Wind from the south at 13 mph. 81 was the high for today. No bike today, just the hike in and out, 1.5 miles round trip. I left my car at 10:30 AM, heading to 1B. Today, on the way to 1B, I did a set-up along the trail with 2 items found near the cedar tree. The following observations with photos are as follows:

#1. and #2. At the small cedar tree on the south side of the trail past the 0.25 mile marker, I found this bottle just in the tree line and put it into the crook of 2 cedar limbs. 

#3 thru #6. This empty, golden plastic container was found in the thorn bush. It was not there when I passed by last visit. It looked strange there. I removed it and put it also in the cedar tree. 

Will they be moved?

#7. and #8. The 2 small limbs/sticks were found in this position on the south side of the trail past the cedar tree. They looked as if put down in a unique way. Both are pointing to the south.????

I entered site 1B entry at 10:53AM. After entering, I pulled out my flute and did 3 long notes then moved on to the pipes.

Arriving at the pipes, I got my 2x4 tree knocker and did 3 knocks. the flute notes and knocks are part of my signature when I arrive in the area. Also whistling a specific tune each time in.

#9. thru #11. The small metal socket pieces had been messed with.???? 3 were on the ground east of pipe #2. One socket was still on top of pipe #2. Also, the tiny metal flower with 3 stems had been broken into 2 pieces. 1 piece with 1 stem, the other with the remaining 2.

#12. and #13. Near the pipes, I notice an interesting limbs/sticks sign.????

So, I still have on-going interaction at the pipes.

I decided at this time to remove set-up items from the pipes area to the deeper area. At 11:06 AM, with the items, I moved towards the current deep site. Just off the path a ways, I observe the following:

#14. thru #16. Wow! Amazing! A limb/stick, 23" long and 1" in in diameter is jammed into this small tree crook.???? I tried pulling it out and it was jammed tight.

#17. I went back to the limbs/sticks sign in photos #12. and #13., and added a long limb.

#18. I added a 36" limb/stick on top of the 23" limb/stick.

#19. and #20. I added this small sticks painted blue underneath the limbs/sticks sign in photo #17.

At 11:17 AM, I finally move on towards the deeper site. I noticed the red tire was still in the same tree I put it in last visit. I decided to take it out and move it further east. Wow! Another highly unusual happening.

#21. "Clyde' has been moved from the deeper site and found along the path towards the pipes. ???? He was found on his side looking down the path. I moved him back to the deeper site.

I made it to the deeper site. A lot of things happened between my last visit and today. Observations:

#22. thru #24. Food items wrappers and plastic container were scattered near the base and around the food bucket tree base. ????

I took time to pickup trash items to be removed from the site. I then removed the food bucket from the tree.

#25. The bucket had wrapper remains still in the bucket under the large, blue rock and 15 lbs. kettle bell.???? Looks like the rock and kettle bell were removed the food items taken and the wrappers left in place then rock and kettle bell put back on top of the wrappers. Awesome!

#26. The wrappers etc. in the bucket after I removed the rock and kettle bell.

#27. I dumped the wrappers etc. from the bucket onto the ground. I then put into the trash bag for removal.

The rest of the site is a wreck. Everything has been messed with.

#28. Photo of the path to the SE thru the site with items scattered nearby.???? 4 animal dolls, the log stump overturned, the buckets overturned. Interesting that 3 of dolls are face down. 

#29. The mini-monkey doll was on its; side facing to the SE by the path.????

#30. The mini-bear doll is face down with head to the SW. Also on the ground, the blue tire and deer corn container.????

#31. The Sesame Street doll, Elmo, was face down on the ground with head to the east.????

#32. The larger monkey doll was face down on the ground with head to the NW.????

#33. The 'Lil Joe Young' doll I put in the crook straight forward with head up the previous visit. He was now sideways with head down.????

#34. and #35. The buckets with toy soldiers, toy horse, plastic salt shaker, half plastic ball, and white heart shaped rock were overturned and on the ground by the buckets.???? All just off the path at the small trees grouping.

#36. This is the small tree with bucket #3. The log stump has been overturned and the deer corn container is now at the west side of the site and the ground.???? The view is to the north.

#37. A different view of the log stump looking to the west. In the background, the blue tire can be seen again on the ground. Also the long limb with painted blue spots has been moved from it's previous position around the small trees grouping. ????

#38. thru #41. The deer corn container was now on the ground and empty near the blue tire. This was on the west side of the site. The container looks as if it was pushed in on 2 sides which could pop off the lid to get to the deer corn.

#42. and #43. The long limb painted with blue spots has been moved from it's original position approximately 5' to the right with the other long spot pained limbs. ???? I had this grouping of limbs as a tepee at the SE side of the small trees grouping. Again, the blue tire on the ground in the background.

#44. The blue tire, mentioned in other photos, was removed from its previous tree crook position.???? It was moved approximately 15' away, flat on the ground. I'm standing next to the tree crook taking this photo.

#45. The black tire was removed from a large tree crook, again, approximately 15' away from it's tree, flat on the ground. ???? The tree crook can be seen just to my right in the photo close by.

This was all the changes I observed on this visit to the deeper site. I took a water break and rested. It was 12:09 PM. 

After the short break, I decided to move the main interaction site further to the NE approximately 50 yards thru the woods. Wow! This was work. I moved everything to the deeper site. Tires, everything. At 2:20 PM I was finished moving and began to set-up the site. I had been working non-stop for 2+ hours. 

I took another break. While taking my break, I considered for future visits, I would not leave a lot of food items altogether. I would leave a container of deer corn each time but rotate the other food and sweet treat items with it. Food rotation items to include: 1) Min-candy treats: snickers, butterfingers, baby ruth bars 2) box of cereal 3) granola chewy bars 4) 1 bag of unshelled peanuts 5) various fruits: apple, pear, peach, plum, orange, tangerine 5) unshelled corn 6) carrot .

The following photos show the new site and all my items carried to it and new set-ups.

#46. Looking at the new site from South to North.

#47. The plastic garbage can I use to keep the collection of balls and plastic items found in the woods and along the creek. I have it tied off the small tree bush behind it.

#48. and #49. The food bucket with large, blue rock and kettle bell within. I left at the base of seen tree. This may be the tree I attach the bucket to.

#50. The log stump with a knocker. I will use this knocker on the stump after entering the site.

#51. Plastic items brought from the mid-site: water meter covers, garbage can lids, buckets, misc. plastic items, cut -up 2x4's with nails.

#52. Tires/rocks set-up on site.

#53. The 2 tires seen were already at the site. A small bush/tree has grown up thru the tire flat on the ground. The tire standing I found not far away and brought to this position. I painted both tires. I put 'Clyde' onto a tree crook on the small bush/tree.

#54. My good camp chair in bag. I leave at the sight for my use when on site. The chair has been with me for the past 4 years out here and not stolen yet. It's a nice chair.

#55. Another set-up of tires I moved to the new site.

Ok. I accomplished enough for this visit. At 2:40 PM, I left the area. For my future visits there will be 3 designated sites within my research area ( approximately 200yds. x 200yds.) and will be mentioned as the following in future reports: the pipes, mid-site (the area I just vacated), and deep site.

This concluded Field Report #5 for Saturday February 11, 2017.