The Urban Sasquatch Journal: Heavy Tires Moved

This is the reporting by a Bigfoot researcher of an ongoing study in the Southern part of the United States in a very large park area near homes and urban setting. Read the prior series HERE.

Journal Volume 4

I did 30 field visits in 2017. After the January 15 report, I stopped doing the reports but still did my field visits and took my photos and notes of each visit. At the time I was burned out on doing the reports for the journal. 

Also, since my research area is in a coastal area of Texas, my research was impacted by the Hurricane Harvey flooding. It was not until the end of October that I was able to get back into my research area. 

So, now in 2018, I'm ready to catch-up on the reports from my last year field visits and to move forward in 2018. I will be expanding to another area not far from my current site. Both are Urban Wilderness areas. 

My current research area has 14,000 acres and the next research area 10,000 acres. Both are surrounded by neighborhoods, businesses and general urban sprawl. 

In my 2018 reporting I will designate by current research site as area #1 and the other as area #2. In area #2, my main goal is to explore the area to look for limb and stick structures and other sigh of 'BF' activity. Both areas have deer and hogs along with many water sources. Also, I have seen an alligator in area #2. 

Let the 2018 adventures begin! 

First, I will complete the field reports for 2017 then move on into 2018. 

Thanks for your consideration.

Volume 4

Field Visit #3

Sunday January 22, 2017

There are 23 photos with this report.

I arrived at area #1 parking at 7:43AM. There are lots of water in the parking area due to recent rains this past week. The current conditions; temp: 57, sunny, wind 9 mph. The wind is supposed to be gusting up to 35 mph. Due to the coming strong winds, at 7:50 AM I hustled on over to 1B. I was going to check out the area quickly then leave. The strong wind gusts could cause a lot of fall off from dead trees , limbs, etc. and injury me. I had to be wary. 

I rode my bike, so I made to the 1B entry by 7:55 AM. I parked my bike at my usual place inside the tree line and proceeded to due 3 loud flute notes, announcing my arrival. 

I walked on over to the pipes. All the setup items at the pipes were as I left them the previous visit. This included the balls and dolls. I did my 3 tree knocks and moved to my deeper site. Off the path to this spot the following was observed and noted with photos:

#1. and #2. The red tire has been removed from the tree crook I left it in previous visit. ???? I put the tire into a group of tree branches.

#3. thru #6. The food bucket was found on the ground with the following items scattered: kettle bell, 'BF' drawings, the large blue rock, and food wrappers. ????

I decided to: remove all the 'BF' drawings, rehang the food bucket by the wire handle to a nail on the tree, put the food items into the bucket and put the large rock and 15lbs. kettle bell on top of the food items.

#7. Food items for the bucket.

#8. The bucket re-hung up on the tree.

#9. The large blue rock over the food items.

#10. thru #14. At the other bucket, the items I left inside were now on the ground. ???? This includes: flute, book in a wrapper, cut up orange in sandwich baggie, empty grated cheese container that held deer corn, pimento cheese container that also had deer corn.

#15. I restocked bucket #2 with a large container filled with deer corn and fruit in a zip-lock baggie.

#16. White and blue tries removed from tree crooks.???? The white tire was found horizontal on the balls container. The blue tire found vertical on the ground.

#17. The white rock shaped like a heart was out on the path.????

#18. I put the rock on top of the upside down buckets.

#19. and #20. I put this small stump on the path and added the 2 tires that had been removed from the tree crooks. Also on the stump I added the yellow and blue rocks and the toy horse.

#21. I added 3 toy soldiers to the buckets with white rock.

#22. I put the can of white spray paint in the balls container.

#23. I hung this personal identifier sheet on the tree limb. This is a photo of me picking up shells on the beach plus my nick name in Ogham and English with a greeting in Native American symbols.

I was finished at the site. The wind was beginning to gust strongly and began to effect the trees. It was time to leave. I left approximately 8:45 AM.