Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sasquatch Burger!

I got to spend the weekend with my best friend, Julie, and we trekked around town to check out a wide variety of things in the Valley of the Sun. One of those things was The Lodge in Tempe, AZ.

The Lodge is at 26 S. Farmer Ave. Tempe, AZ, tucked away in its own little world with a huge outdoor patio area that is so awesome this time of year.

It's definitely a good spot for the ASU college crowd, but on the Friday when we attended it, we found some snowbirds enjoying the "Sasquatch" theme.

The many representations of Bigfoot made the place a fantastic selfie spot. 

The menu revealed something too tempting not to order - 

The staff was super nice and we felt extremely relaxed and content in the lodge-like setting.

We ordered the Sasquatch burger to split. It sounded intimidating.

If they ever wanted to sell the props, I hope the notify me!

The Sasquatch burger arrived precariously stabbed with a much-needed steak knife.

Julie and I opted to remove the two grilled cheese sandwiches, open them up and put half the burger inside each one. 

And the effect was complete and utter magic! The Texas toast was the right amount of crisp, the cheeses melted exquisitely, and the burger was super moist!

The results were carnivorous! 

Rating for The Lodge and the Sasquatch Burger? Double thumbs up! Will go back there again and again! 

And, the Tall Ones? 

They would be proud to hang on the patio and throw back a brew and a burger that is likely appetizer size for the 8-foot boys!

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