Proof of Time Travel?

Legit or total scam find? Let's review this extraordinary story and others -

In 2008, a Chinese tomb was opened after 400 years of sitting there untouched. When the coffin was being unwrapped from cloth, something metallic hit the ground. They disovered a mud and rock encrusted watch ring stuck at 10:06 time reading with "Swiss" carved in the back.

I haven't found any updated info on what happened with this find, but they were working on a documentary so it must have surfaced at some point. I did find this fantastic article that talks about potential watches made in the last hundred and so years comparing it. 

This 1940s Canadian picture above seems pretty standard for the times, until you notice the guy with the sunglasses and what looks like a graphic tee and sweat jacket or hoodie. With closer inspection, he appears to be wearing a sweater with a sewn on emblem for a sport team perhaps and sunglasses that had been in style for the past 20 years in that time period.

Has time travel been possible? It's on the table as possible, just not possible in our time period yet. Do we have any real evidence of it? Nothing we can consider conclusive. 

And, if someone travels back in time, do they change the course of events? My guess is, probably not. Whatever they do, the history of time already allowed for, as that is something that is without a time line; always was, always is, always will be. 

As someone who has premonition dreams of great accuracy within 24 hours of a disaster, I know that I can't stop a disaster. It's already fated. I can, however, be a witness and archivist. It is an event already fated to occur. Any event already fated to occur would include the intrusion and chaos a time traveler might make. 

Of course, that is my take on the matter. You will come to your own conclusions. 

Here's the question for the day: If you could time travel, would you go back or forward?