Monday, February 12, 2018

MK Davis: New Find on Patty

MK Davis has done exceptional work on the Patterson Film, not just stabilizing the original film, but elucidating every detail from each frame. With each technique that comes forth, more amazing finds are accomplished. What he recently found was startling.

LINK  - here is the footage at this link.  Watch the right thigh. 

On Patty's step, on her right thigh at the top, there appears to be some odd bulges and then as you inspect it further, a tie around her waist, a tie going down from that across her buttock to the top of the thigh, another tie around the top of the thigh and what appears to be a pouch or skin and perhaps shells or something else adoring the top of it. Her hand brushes it, strums it as if purposefully.

It is also interesting to note how silky and straight her hair is. 

As MK works with more frames of the film, we will be able to see what happens with this potential item as she is moving along and get new glimpses at it.

I suggest you check out what he's doing on his blog and his YouTube channel. 


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